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Our vision

We live in a changing world. Constantly. We were born out of our mission: to do finance differently. Today, we are a pioneer in responsible finance.
Two decades ago, we believed that understanding companies deeply was key to capitalizing on market irrationality. Stockpickers to the core, we wanted to be just outside the herd to eat the green grass without being eaten by the lion (#the zebra), with a permanent quest for financial performance.
A decade ago, post the financial crisis, we recognized that focusing solely on the financial aspect was insufficient. This realization led us to the importance of customer satisfaction. With the rise of the digital era, customers gained power over companies, ushering in a new era—the customer era. We formalized this insight into an investment process, the ROC (Return on Customer) process, offering a fresh perspective on companies.
Today, we are at the dawn of a new Copernican revolution. Humanity is reclaiming its place in the living world by acknowledging its impact. Confronted with these non-financial challenges and risks, we pledge to collaborate with the companies we invest in and work alongside our customers to build a world where finance serves its customers, the planet, and society.
In both the past and future, our role is to make decisions in an uncertain world with limited information. We operate in financial markets where irrational exuberance is far removed from reality.
Our aim is to take advantage of that. While we cannot predict or control market behaviors, we adapt to exploit these extremes—optimizing the risk/return ratio or using our expertise for the greater good. Finance is a tool, not a goal or an end in itself.
How do we achieve this? Primarily, by remaining pragmatic and rooted in reality, focusing on a company’s most critical asset: its customers. The value we seek transcends the strictly financial dimension; it’s holistic. Yet, it only materializes if it aligns with the expectations of the primary stakeholder driving long-term sales: the customers.

Jean-Sébastien Beslay
Chairman and co-founder

Claire Berthier
CEO of Trusteam Finance

Our values


We are committed to doing everything we can to satisfy our customers.

We are committed to investing in high quality companies from both a financial AND non-financial perspectives.

We act with honesty and transparency.


We are attentive to the needs and requests of our customers and always available to meet their expectations.

Entrepreneurial freedom

We value initiative and innovation in the service of our customers.