Customer Experience 3.0

John A. Goodman, a renowned consultant in the field of customer satisfaction, presents best practices for placing the customer at the heart of the organization in the age of the digital revolution. All the data collected throughout the customer journey provides a better understanding of the reasons for loyalty.

Common stocks and common profits

Philip Fisher began his career as a financial analyst in 1928 and is recognized as one of the pioneers of modern investment theory. Published over 60 years ago, this book remains an essential part of financial literature.


Nassim Nicholas Taleb a writer, former trader, statistician, and philosopher of the sciences of chance, teaches us how to overcome the cataclysms of our time – Black Swans – by transforming them into blessings.

The Hydrogen Economy

In this book, American sociologist Jeremy Rifkin reminds us that the depletion of oil resources is inevitable. He advocates a transition to renewable energies, particularly hydrogen, while emphasizing the centrality of human activity and economic development in energy and geopolitical issues.

The Sages

Charles R. Morris, an expert in markets and finance, meticulously analyses the experience of 3 leading figures in the world of finance – Warren Buffet, George Soros and Paul Volcker – to impact lessons on wise and consistent investment.

The Unusual Billionaires

Among 5,000 listed companies, Saurabh Makherjea analyses 7 exceptional companies with remarkable results created by billionaires and explains how to identify these unique business models.


Richard H. Thaler, the behavioural economist awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2017, offers an irreverent and enlightening exploration of how human weaknesses play a significant role in shaping the economy.