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The Trusteam Selective Recovery fund is a Euro-denominated international equity fund, eligible for the PEA (Plan d’Epargne en Actions), with a minimum of 75% in European Union stocks and a maximum of 25% in US, UK, Japan, and Switzerland securities. Its objective is to invest in companies undergoing recovery (emerging from crises, reorganization, spin-offs, or special situations).

To achieve this goal, the fund’s management has chosen a discretionary approach among recovering companies.

The selection process focuses on companies that have already started their recovery, possess a healthy financial structure, and, where data is available, take into account improvements in customer satisfaction.

Our commitments

A demanding exclusion list: 0% exposure to fossil fuels, arms and tobacco

More information on Trusteam’s commitment

Funds’ evolution

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

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Current Index: 75% DJ Eurostoxx 50 + 25% Morningstar Developed Markets Net Return in Euro

Management team

Farid Kassa
Max Hamelin

Why should you chooseTrusteam Selective Recovery?

– Invest in transformative companies experiencing growth with significant potential for revaluation, from our perspective
– Capital appreciation over the long term
– Values identified based on various criteria, considering that valuation occurs at the end of the selection process:
• Improvement in market conditions (economic and sectoral)
• Change in strategy, reorganization, management change
• Financial publications exceeding expectations
• Rebuilding of cash reserves
• Cash generation
• Return of ‘pricing power’…
– The level of customer satisfaction for the company within the ROC* process may be considered when data is available
– A fund that adheres to Trusteam Finance’s exclusion policy: fossil fuels, arms, gambling, tobacco, etc. -Enjoy tax benefits associated with PEA while investing internationally

Annual Performance


Technical data

NAV as of 21.05.2024
4.1 M€
Fund outstanding as of 21.05.2024
20.26 %
Volatility over 5 years as of 17.05.2024
Annualized performance over 5 years as of 21.05.2024
ISIN: FR0014004Q57 - Creation date: 10/01/2021 - NAV: 100 - Currency : Euro

Technical characteristics

Reference indicator

Net dividends reinvested

Recommended minimum investment horizon


Funds managers




75 % Euro Stoxx 50 TR + 25 % Morningstar Developed Markets TR
5 years
M. Hamelin, F. Kassa
4 on a scale of 1 to 7

Valuation price




Current costs (2022)

Management fee incl. VAT

Entrance fees incl. VAT

Exit fee incl. VAT

Closing price
Crédit Industriel et Commercial
CIC Asset Management
2.1 %
2 % incl. VAT Maximum
Max 2.00%

* SRI (Synthetic Risk & Reward Indicator, on a scale of 1 to 7): Level 1 = low risk & reward / Level 7 = high risk & potential for high reward.

Where and how to subscribe to the fund

Through a wealth manager at Trusteam Finance — Contact the Wealth Management team directly (contact details available on this page) to benefit from personalised support. We will suggest the solution best suited to your needs.

Through your bank — You can subscribe by sending the ISIN code associated with the fund to your usual contact. The fund can then be deposited in a securities account, a PEA (if eligible), a life insurance policy or a PERP.

Through your independent financial advisor — Your independent financial advisor will help you select the fund from the Trusteam Finance range that best suits your asset management needs.

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